A Ring In Every Ring Candle .... Check out our Ring Candles !

Ring Candles are the perfect gift for any occasion, and for anyone you love! Pick your favorite scent, and pick your ring size, and voilà -- instant amazement! Like buried treasure, you’ll find the ring when you burn the candle! Neat, huh? With ring sizes spanning from 5-11, you’ll find the perfect size for that special so-and-so! With jewelry inside each Ring Candle that value from $10, to $7,500 (yes, $7,500!) you never know what you will find! Choose from customer favorites like Creme Brulee, Iced Lemon Cookies, & Vanilla Lavender!

For the first time ever this year we are offering ALL of our Jewelry Candles scents in Ring Candles as well! So we have 65 amazing scents to choose from!

Be sure to check out our wonderful selection today!