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Jewelry Candles Rep Kits

Below are the many choices that you may choose from to become a Jewelry Candles rep so feel free to browse them all and choose the one that best suites your lifestyle, needs and budget and we'll get it out to you right away so you can begin this exciting sales journey with us!

Some important facts to remember about us and being a consultant for us;

There are no ongoing monthly fees once you buy one of the kits below.

There are no quotas to hit to stay an active rep for us here at Jewelry Candles, sell as much or as little as you like at your own convenience.

We do not auto bill for ANYTHING, you get exactly what you pay for and that is it.

Yes, you may buy a smaller package now and come back later to buy a bigger one later, no big deal!

As for pay, you get paid the 15th of the month and the LAST DAY of the month that falls on a weekday. We prefer to pay you via paypal as its fast and easy so please set up a paypal account its FREE!

You have the ability to make a minimum of 20% commission but you can make up to 30% commission when we do REP BONUS DAYS which and random and we will send out a huge email on days you can earn extra commissions on your sales so no worrires just be sure to subscribe to our email so you get note of them when we do them!

We are NOT currently set up as a downline company, currently we are just 1 level down so you CANNOT recruit your friends to sell our products.

Yes you do get a rep discount of 20% on all purchases when you become a rep. To take advantage of the rep discount just be sure to LOG IN to YOUR rep website when you become a rep and your rep site is smart and knows to give you your rep discount at checkout when you are done shopping, once again, as long as you are LOGGED IN to your rep website when shopping!

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts for reps in our CASH AND CARRY program, to order this way and find out specials and pricing call our wholesale rep, Osi is his name , at 502-230-1457 to order! Thank you!

Thank you in advance for choosing us to partner with us here at Jewelry Candle Company and rest assured you'll have a lot of fun working with our amazing team here at JewelryCandles.com ! =)