Barbara Schroeter


Keep Calm Jewelry Candles

Our Keep Calm Jewelry Candle are a lot of fun! The phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On" was historically made as a morale boosting phrase by the British during World War II -- but even in this modern day & era, the same phrase evokes a kind of timeless elegance to keep steady, and take heart in the face of danger.

Each Keep Calm Jewelry Candle comes with a surprise piece of jewelry that may be a ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet or pair of earrings! If you choose a ring, you may also choose your specific size as we offer size 5 through size 11 in our Keep Calm Jewelry Candles. You may also select the "surprise me" option if you want us to pick the jewelry piece for you and it be a TOTAL surprise!

The minimum value for the jewelry that you'll find in your Keep Calm Candle is $10 and can go all the way up to $7500! You never know what you'll find in your Keep Calm Jewelry Candles!