Jewelry Roses

Our Jewelry Roses also come with a jewelry piece attached to the stem of the roses that will be valued anywhere from $10 to $7500!  You may choose between a ring, a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet or a pair of earrings to come with your Jewelry Roses! If you choose a ring you may pick your ring size from size 5 through size 11 so it's a guaranteed fit every time!

The buds of our roses are actually hand carved wooden buds that take hours to carve! Each dozen is then dipped in fragranced wax to make them smell amazing for months! The best part?! Unlike REAL roses, our Jewelry Roses never die and live on forever as they are made of hand carved wood!

Each half dozen or dozen roses comes in a real rose box and carefully and menticulously arranged by hand to make sure each bouquet is beautiful. Every half dozen , full dozen bouquet and even our single rose option is arranged with beautiful artificial baby's breath as well to really bring out the beautiful colors of the roses! Just choose your fragrance you want, choose your jewelry and or size and choose the color arrangements you want and you are all set to go! You and your loved one's will love these beautiful Jewelry Roses!