Sealed With A Kiss Emoji Jewelry Candles

* The jewel shown in the picture is just an example of what you could get in your Jewelry Candle! We offer thousands of different styles and designs of jewelry in our Jewelry Candles so you never know what you are going to get! It is always a surprise!


Add a little fun & personal touch to your gift.. with an Emoji Candle! Yes, the Emojis everyone loves now has a candle that will make everyone smile! What is an Emoji, you ask? Emojis were made popular in Japan, and has spread worldwide! Translated it means "Picture Character". Sort of like the emoticons from the olden days of the internet! They're meant to add that little something words alone can't describe. (Plus they're super cute!)

Add a little sass & character (literally!) with your favorite Jewelry Candles scents! Like buried treasure, when you burn the candle you’ll find the surprise! A Necklace, Pendant, a pair of Earrings, a Ring, or a Bracelet.. What will you find? No one knows, that’s the exciting part! With jewels that value from $10, to $7,500 (yes, $7,500!) you never know what you will find! Have heart-eyes for days with our Oh My Goodness! candle, let your friends (or special so-and-so) know that It's Time To Celebrate!, or bring a little attitude to the table with our Whatever! Emoji Candle.

IngredientsPremium, all-natural soy wax. Lead-free, unbleached cotton wicks.
Volume18oz. wax in 21 oz. container
Produced InProudly made in USA
Dimensions6.75" H, 3.5" diameter
Est. Burn Time~100 hours (depending on use)
Shipping & WarrantyOrders are processed & shipped within 2-3 business days
Transit Time3-7 business days

Each Jewelry Candle comes with a hidden jewel within it that has a value from $10 to $7500!

You could get a Ring, Necklace, Pendant, Bracelet or a pair of Earrings inside your Jewelry Candle!

What will you find in your Jewelry Candle?