Barbara Schroeter


Emoji Jewelry Bath Bombs

Our new Emoji Jewelry Bath Bombs are so fun! They are now offered by the jar in a pack of TWO! These Emoji JewelryBath Bomb scents are amazing, and the beautiful Jewelry will dazzle just like you, darlin’! Like buried treasure, just relax and watch your bath bomb fizzle in the bath & find your surprise when its done fizzling! A Necklace, a Pendant, Earrings, a Ring, or a Bracelet.. it's a total surprise! With jewelry that value from $10, to $7,500 (yes, $7,500!) You may choose the "surprise me" option and your jewelry be a total surprise OR choose the jewelry piece of your choice! The choice is all yours! Want to choose a ring? Great! You may now select your ring size in our Emoji Jewelry Bath Bombs! There are TWO Emoji Jewelry Bath Bombs per jar!