Got A Little Something Up My Sleeve
Yellow on Hot Pink Short-Sleeve Shirt
Carrot Cake
Scented White, Lavender and White with Lavender Tipped
Red Dozen
Scented Bumble Bee

Luxury Gold Candles

Our brand new Luxury Candles Collection are amazing in that each Luxury Gold Candle comes with REAL GOLD inside every Gold Candle! You can choose from either 5 grams of gold or 1 full ounce of gold to get inside your Gold Candles!
This is truly the ultimate gift for the person that has everything that they are sure to enjoy! Just burn down our Luxury Gold Candles and dig our out your gold and yell "Eureka! I found it!" =)
With this amazingly Luxurious line of Gold Candles we now hold the official title of "The World's Most Expensive Candle!"
* Prices of our Gold Candles are subject to change due to the constantly changing prices of gold so get your Gold Candles now before prices of gold go up again!*