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Starniq M.


White on Hot Pink Keep Calm Short-Sleeve Shirt
Hot Pink on Black Keep Calm Short-Sleeve Shirt - Jewelry Clothing
Freshly Picked Strawberries

Slimes Collections

Scented White, Lavender and White with Lavender Tipped
Red Dozen
Scented Black And Peachy Dozen

American Made Candles

Support families living right in your backyard! Our American Made Candles are just that; family owned, American made candles by us here at Jewelry Candles. These candles are different from our Jewelry Candles because these candles do not come with any jewelry. These candles are special, as we here at Jewelry Candles love our fellow Americans, & those wishing to become one! Despite times of strife, or great times of joy!

Please note: Our American Made Candles do NOT contain jewelry, or cash! These are plain scented candles.. but with love from us.